Media Partnership FAQs

On this page, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from event organizers.

To get in touch with us and read the terms of the agreements that we use to promote events, please refer to the Media Partnership Inquiries page.

Is it possible to customize the media partnership agreement for my event?

Unfortunately, due to the high demand from event organizers to be listed on AI Time Journal, we are unable to customize our media partnership agreement.

If you wish to provide complimentary tickets in addition to the standard agreement, sometimes we are able to send contributors who can provide event coverage.

Where do I find the information to add AI Time Journal as a media partner on the event’s website?

You can find this information on our Media Kit page.

Do I need to provide content for the social media posts?

No, we use our own template to promote your event through our social media accounts.

Yes, for the best results in displaying your event banner on our website, we recommend uploading a banner image of size 1200×630.

Please notice that we will share your event website URL in our social media posts, therefore, for the best preview, we recommend your website to have an og:image meta property pointing to an image of size 1200×630.

When will you promote my event on social media?

After you upload your event’s content on our website, we will review it and add it to our public event calendar. At this point, we notify you via email, requesting you to add AI Time Journal as a media partner (if the media partnership was done with a barter agreement). After this, we will schedule the posts to promote your event on our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts (one post on each).

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